Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for this website including any online shop, wholesale portal, or any other interactive part of your visit/s to this site.  Relevant policy, such as our refund policy and privacy policy, is also included on this page.

With any interaction you have with this website, including any online order, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  You also acknowledge that these terms are subject to change without notification, and that you can always access the latest terms here (links to this page will also be found throughout the website including on most interactive pages).

1         Information You Give Us

  1.   When giving us information about you, especially for the purposes of opening or maintaining an account, you must be truthful.

2       Usernames and Passwords

  1.   The username that you create when you open your account is not able to be changed.
  2.   Your contact email address, and password, may be changed by you at any time.
  3.   If you are given the option of what username to use, we respectfully request that your chosen username is not something that might be considered offensive.
  4.   Your password is very important to the security of your account – you are responsible for creating a password unique to this account, and not sharing it with anyone.
  5.   Sharing your login details, or allowing them to be stolen, does not limit any commitment made – if an order is placed under your username, you are responsible for it.

3         Your Account with Us

3.1    Pre-Paid Account Terms

  1.   With a pre-paid account, you’ll need to make payment with a credit card (Apple Pay or Google Pay) at the time of placing an order.
  2.   Because no money is every owing, statements aren’t required. We can however reissue an invoice at any time you request.

3.1    Post-Paid Account Terms

  1.   Depending on the size and frequency of your orders, and therefore the risk to us of non-payment, we may ask more information from you. This information is to ensure that a debt collection agency can pursue any unpaid money owing to us.
  2.   In assessing your eligibility for a post-paid account, we may obtain a report on you from a credit reporting agency.
  3.   Everyone responsible for managing a business understands the challenges of cashflow – and for this reason, if you have a “post-paid” account our invoices are strictly 7 days from statement date.
  4.   If you don’t settle your invoice within 7 days from statement date our options include –
    1. Changing your account type to pre-paid (requiring payment before delivery is made).
    2. Holding back delivery until all outstanding payments have been made.
    3. Suspending or terminating your account.
    4. Handing your details, and the details of any unpaid invoice/s, to a debt collection agency (you will be responsible for any debt collection fees or legal costs associated with the recovery of your debt to us).
    5. You may be charged an additional 15% per annum (calculated daily) for outstanding amounts older than 7 days.
  5.   We don’t normally tell customers what their individual credit limit is with us, and we will often review customer credit limits and adjust where we feel it’s necessary.
  6.   Payment is preferred via direct debit – account details can be found on your invoice.
  7.   Cheques can only be presented if approved by us in advance, and –
    1. A $20 fee will be charged for any bounced cheque,
    2. Cheques are to be made out to our business name (as seen on our invoice)
  8.   You agree to a personal guarantee – that is, if you are applying on behalf of a business, and that business does not pay its outstanding invoice (even if it becomes insolvent), you understand that you may be pursued by us or by our debt collection agency (this includes an option for a caveat to by placed on any of your real property to protect us from you unpaid debt).
  9.   The balance owing on this account may not include any amount owed prior to creating this online account. Any previous debt remains payable. Both amounts (this new account, and any amount previously owing), and the age of both debts, will be combined when considering account management.

4         Payments to Us on This Website

  1.   We use a recognised third-party payment gateway (such as PayPal) to ensure that all government regulation and business self-regulation expectations are met (please contact us if you need to know exactly which gateway we used for your transaction).
  2.   By using a payment gateway, NO payment information (including credit card and payer identification) is received, let alone kept, on our website. All information is managed via the payment gateway. All we keep is the standard order authority – who authorises the order and where is it to be delivered.
  3.   All data transferred is done so at the highest reasonable encryption rate via secure sockets layer (SSL) certificated pages. We even do all we can to ensure that the payment gateways that we use are free of any known security breach.
  4.   When you submit credit card details, we assume your claim that you are the legal account owner, that you are authorised to use that card, and that the card is current and valid.
  5.   For all financial interactions, you will receive a confirmation email from us to the email address you request during the order process.

5         Delivery

  1.   We may review, and change, our delivery area. This may affect your orders with us. We will notify you if this happens (and you will see when attempting to order).
  2.   We may review, and change, our delivery fee. If this happens you will see it in the order confirmation screen.
  3.   We may review the cut off time for an order to be delivered – if this happens you will see a change to the delivery date/time options when you are placing the order.

6         Promotional Discount Codes

  1.   When offered, promotional discount codes may apply to certain products or purchase orders.
  2.   Promotional discount codes are always for a specific date range – they do expire.
  3.   In most cases, promotional discount codes can not be applied in conjunction with any other promotions (including any automated discounts applied to the cart).
  4.   If you have had a discount applied to a product or order, and are authorised for a refund, you will be refunded the discounted price not the current price.
  5.   Quite often, promotional discount codes will be limited in use to once per customer.

7         Order Cancellations

  1.   If you have ordered product that is not available, we may cancel your order (or part of your order).
  2.   If we detect any misinformation, especially to do with price or product description, we may cancel your order (or part of your order).
  3.   If we have to cancel your order (or part of your order) we will try to provide as much notice as we can.
  4.   If you are not at fault for the cancellation of the order, you will not be charged.
  5.   You will not be charged for any cancelled order if we can affect the cancellation before the order process time.
  6.   If you need to cancel an order, please contact us immediately to discuss the cancellation, and whether or not a cancellation fee might be payable.

8         Refund Policy

8.1  We WILL refund your order –

  1.   If the item is unused and in saleable condition (in its original packaging).
  2.   If the item is faulty or damaged. Please ensure you have made contact with us within 48 hours of receiving the item.
  3.   In the case of an item being damaged in transit, you’ll need to contact us within 48 hours with an image and details of the claim.
  4.   If the item is returned to us within 14 days with a proof of purchase.
  5.   If the item was purchased at the regular price.

8.2  We will NOT refund your order –

  1.   If you have simply changed your mind or have ordered the wrong product.
  2.   Unless the item is faulty or damaged.
  3.   The item was on special as a clearance item.
  4.   Was paid for using AfterPay.

8.3  Refund Policy Detail

  1.   We do not pay for freight and shipping of the returning item/s. Freight and shipping costs are not refundable.
  2.   After your returned item has been inspected, you will receive an email from us notifying you of our decision to approve or reject your credit and outlining next steps.
  3.   A credit note for an approved return of an online order is normally offered by way of coupon code which can be used with future online orders, and coupon codes are valid for 12 months.
  4.   Orders paid for with AfterPay are not considered for return.
  5.   If the item you wish to return was sent to you as a gift (and the order was marked as such), and the return is approved, you will be issued a gift voucher of the original order amount. If the person placing the order didn’t indicate that the order was for a gift for you, they will receive the refund.
  6.   We won’t approve a refund for an item that you claim to have dispatched to us, but when missing in transit.
  7.   If you believe that the particular circumstances of your refund request fall outside of these policies, please make contact with us by email explaining the case for consideration.

9        If You Breach These Terms and Conditions

  1.   If you breach the terms and conditions of our site, our actions may include –
    1. Blocking you (and/or your IP Address) from our site
    2. Suspending your post-paid account, and changing the account type to pre-paid
    3. Cancel your order/s
    4. Refusal of supply
    5. Sharing your details with a debit collection agency (if money is owing to us)
    6. Reporting you and your behaviour to a relevant law enforcement agency (if we believe your behaviour has been illegal or offensive
  2.   Obviously, we have zero tolerance to any criminal behaviour associated with this site – this includes cyber-crime (such as distributing viruses etc); breaches of consumer law; Privacy breaches; and any other offensive or unlawful behaviour. We would report any behaviour of this type to the relevant law enforcement agency with the expectation that they would pursue it to full extent.
  3.   We may share your information with our debt collection agency should you not pay invoices owing to us. This information will include any information that identifies you, your business, your intentions, and your outstanding orders.
  4.   Failure to comply with what would be considered reasonable standard contract terms may lead to legal action – in this case, your information may be shared with our legal team.
  5.   If we need to engage a debt collection agency and/or our external legal team, any costs associated with engaging these professionals will be borne entirely by you.
  6.   If we have had to take action to recover outstanding money owed to us, we feel that it’s our obligation to our business community to share your information, and information of your debts, to credit reporting agencies.

10      You Are Responsible for Your Own Cyber Security

While we do everything we can to safeguard our site against hacks and other unlawful corruption, we cannot be held legally liable for any effect such an attack might have on your hardware, software, data or any other proprietary material of yours

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