How to Shop

Click on either Shop in the top menu or select categories or individual items from the Shop sub menus and browse the site for the fruit & vegetables you need.

Click on the Buy Button for individual items. To order more than one item, place the cursor on the plus icon and click as many times as necessary. If you want to change the quantity, simply clickon the minus sign as many times as necessary.

Continue to shop and choose any items you need. To view either fruit or veggies, click on the category link to the right,

To view the cart, and check how much you’re spending, click on the green basket next to Cart at top right. Click on the basket to close the Cart window.

Checkout on Fruit For All website

To checkout, click on the basket and select Checkout. Enter all required information in the Billing Details. If you need to leave a note, then please leave any instructions in the Delivery Instructions area.

Once you’ve entered all your details under Billing Details, you’ll see options Delivery** or 7 Day Pickup under Payment Options . Select one.  Note that orders must be in before midnight on the day prior to delivery or pickup.

If the order total warrants Free Delivery (Free Delivery in Zone 1 is $60+ // Free Delivery in Zone 2 is $70+ // Free Delivery in Zone 3 is $80+) , then select Free Delivery. If you’d prefer to pickup your order, then choose 7 Day Pickup.

Delivery address information involves two options, Postcode and Suburb. First, choose your postcode from the Postcode drop-down menu. Directly below that menu is the Suburb drop-down menu. Please select the suburb where you want your products delivered. Please note that Fruit for All delivers only to suburbs that appear in the Suburb drop-down list. If your delivery suburb doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu, please enter an alternative Address in the Billing Details section.

Delivery instructions, such as “Leave box out back”, or “Leave Box at front door”, etc, should be included.

Double check your information, check the “I’ve read and accept the terms and conditions” box, then click on the Proceed to Paypal button. You will then be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction. Note: You do not need a PayPal account, only a credit card.

Thank you for shopping at Fruit For All!

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** Free Delivery is offered to orders over $50 for Zones 1 and 2.